Computer Lab – el 2 de octubre


Objective(s): The learner will be able to use online blogging software to produce a paragraph, in the target language, introducing him or herself.


  1. Go to
  2. Type in username: _____________________ and password: _________________ (Your username is your first name and the first initial of your last name. The password is blue123!)
  3. Customize your page by selecting DESIGN. Choose whatever template you would like to use for your blog.
  4. Make sure you save your design template before continuing.
  5. Click WRITE to create a new post and title it “Un poco sobre mi.” In your first post, include the following information in paragraph form (en español):
    1. Nombre (Me llamo__________________)
    2. Edad (Tengo ___________________ años)
    3. Cumpleaños (Mi cumpleaños es el ___________ de _________)
    4. Grado (Estoy en el grado ______________)
    5. El horario (Este semestre, tengo las clases de _______________,________________, ______________, y _________________)
    6. Planes para el futuro (Después de la escuela, quiero ___________________)
  6. Make sure to save your post and publish it before exiting!
  7. Visit your site. Copy and print your post to place it in your portfolio. Obtain an assessment evaluation form from Mrs. Thomas-Lorenzo and include it with the post.



Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD the PowerPoint for instructions on how to edit your site.



You can find an extra copy of these instructions at!

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